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  • What is ReusePass
    ReusePass is a sustainability program that lets diners check out and return reusable to-go containers, reducing resource consumption and diverting single-use containers from landfills. ReusePass makes checking out a reusable container as easy as checking out a library book! Each ReusePass user and container have a unique QR code. When you’re checking out a container, dining operators will scan your ReusePass QR and the container QR code, which starts your rental window. Like library books, all containers have a due date. Use your mobile number to access your ReusePass account, keep track of your containers, see return bin locations, and celebrate your positive planetary impact!
  • *How do I join?
    Great question! Most campuses offer sign-up directly on ReusePass. To sign up, simply go to, select your campus, and enter the details requested. If you’re ordering reusable to-go through the Grubhub app, tap on the "Grubhub Questions" category above for more details! The sign up process varies by campus, so please reach out to your campus dining team for specifics on how to participate in the ReusePass program!
  • How do I check-out reusable containers?
    How you check-out reusable containers varies by dining location, so reach out to your campus dining team for the latest and greatest at your school! That said, some general guidelines apply to most campuses: If you are ordering in person... You’ll likely need to request a reusable container at check-out and will be asked to show your ReusePass QR code before you can get your meal. ⭐️ Pro tip: add your ReusePass to your mobile wallet so it’s always easy to find! If you’re ordering through a mobile app like Grubhub... Each time you order a meal in a reusable container, your ReusePass QR will be printed on the order receipt so the dining team knows to pack your meal in a reusable to-go container and scan the ReusePass QR before they place it on the shelf for pick-up.
  • Where and how to return container
    Returning containers is easy! Simply compost remaining food scraps and drop your empty container in a ReusePass return bin on campus - no scanning necessary! Once returned, the dining team will collect, sanitize and scan-in all returned containers. Containers are typically scanned in by the dining team within 48hrs of drop-off, but it can sometimes take longer, especially over the weekend. If you’ve dropped your container(s) in a return bin on or before the due date, don’t worry, you’ve done your part! 🌟 Pro tip: You can see container due dates and find ReusePass return bin locations by navigating to your ReusePass account and clicking on “see return locations” in the top right corner.
  • How long can I keep my container?
    Containers are due back 3 days after check-out, but we recommend returning them as soon as you're done so they can get sanitized and recirculated in the ReusePass ecosystem! If you forget to return a container by the due date, we'll send you a late text reminding you to return the container ASAP to avoid a failed container rental. Once a container is marked as late, you'll have 48 hours to return it before the rental window closes. Don't worry - our ReusePass app makes it easy to see container statuses and due dates!
  • How do I know which container to return?
    Great question! You don’t need to keep track of the exact containers you’ve checked out each day, any container of the same type due will count as a return. For example, if you have 5 large to-go containers at home and 1 is due today, you can return any one of them to complete your rental :)
  • Why is there a 3-day return window?
    The 3-day window exists to encourage participants to return their containers in a timely fashion, so they can get washed and reused. This means we can serve the same number of students with fewer containers! It ensures the efficiency and workflow of the Reuse program, helping to create a healthier and happier planet. 🌎
  • What happens if I don’t return a container on-time?
    Each school has their own policy for late and unreturned containers. If your school charges a late fee, you’ll be able to see that in your ReusePass app. If you have questions, reach out to your campus dining team for specifics!
  • What happens if a container breaks?
    Accidents happen! If a container breaks, take a picture of the QR code on the container and send it to your campus dining team or your campus ReusePass SMS number. From there, please go ahead and return the broken container by the due date in a designated bin! It’s important to return broken containers on time so we can give you credit for reusing! The dining team will use the QR code on the container to mark it as broken so they can understand the lifespan - and environmental impact - of each container!
  • I’m just one person, can I really have an impact?
    Yes! Last semester, students participating in the ReusePass program around the US helped save more than 53,800 lbs of waste from going to landfills, conserved more than 361,400 gallons of water and saved nearly 375,900 lbs of GHG emissions from going out into the atmosphere. That’s HUGE impact!
  • How do I delete my account?
    To delete your account, reach out to and provide the campus and mobile number associated with your account. Please note, by deleting your account you will not be able to use reusable containers, even if the program is mandatory at your school.
  • Anything I need to know about ReusePass promotions or challenges?
    All challenges and promotions offered by ReusePass may be subject to exclusions. For promotion codes on Grubhub, please note Grubhub’s terms and conditions might apply so refer to Grubhub for details. Promotions cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or offer. Offer cannot be applied to Gift Cards or prior purchases. Other restrictions and exclusions may apply.
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