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Thanks for being part of the Reuse Revolution

By choosing to reuse with ReusePass, you’re joining over 45,000 other students in helping build a more sustainable future.

Just this semester, by choosing to reuse & return, ReusePass users have helped save...

single use containers from landfill
108,710 lbs of GHG emissions from the atmosphere
96,304 gallons of 
water from being used to produce single-use containers

What are ReusePass challenges? 

We're challenging you to increase the number of times you choose to reuse at participating Grubhub locations on campus in a week. The more you choose to reuse, the bigger the impact!

How do I participate?

Check out two containers from any participating ReusePass locations between 11/7/23 -11/9/23 to receive a $4.00 Grubhub credit!

How will I know if I achieved the challenge?

ReusePass users who complete the challenge will receive a text with their unique promo code on Friday, 11/10. 

How to redeem?

Enter your unique promo code at checkout during your next Grubhub order! See here for more terms and conditions about the promotion.

How do I keep track of my progress?

Check your ReusePass account to see how many containers you've checked out since the challenge began! We'll send you a reminder halfway through to help keep you on track. 

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Interested in learning more about reuse?

Check-out our Campus Ambassador Program and have the opportunity to meet students across the country who are passionate about taking climate positive actions!

Have questions or need help?

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